Responsible Parenting

responsible parentingThis is a story about how a dad had to save up in order to buy a new gaming console, because he neglected his daddy duties that ended up in the unfortunate death of his son’s current gaming console. His son was safe but the kid cried and cried because his console is no more.

Ricky is a single parent to his son, Marco. They moved to Toronto after Marco’s mom broke up with his dad. Ricky works as a graphic designer so he just stays at home to watch over his son. He provides the kid with gaming consoles in hopes that one day, the kid would also learn to love graphics design like he does. They have a very good relationship because despite being covered in all the gadgets they both use, they still manage to bond by playing games together or letting Marco look at the drafts of his design. The kid then comments in the most innocent of ways. Ricky actually sometimes gets ideas from his son.

However, there is one aspect of parenting that Ricky tends to neglect because he is too consumed in his work and his relationships with Marco. He has forgotten his daddy duties around the house.

While there are times that Ricky could find time to cook, they almost always end up buying delivery food because they both love it and Ricky does not need to cook. Another is the cleaning Of the house, they have over a house helper every Wednesdays and Saturdays each week to clean up and do the laundry. For the rest of the week, the house is littered with used clothes and socks, toys and shoes and sometimes, even leftover food remains in the sink for days until the helper comes in to clean.

One night, rain was pouring very hard outside while Marco was playing and Ricky was finishing a project. Suddenly, Marco shouted so hard that Ricky came running. As it turns out, there was a leak on the roof and the water dripped into the console, causing it to explode. Ricky hurriedly moved away all the other gadgets from the roof-made waterfalls that was slowly scattering around the room. Afterwards he had to calm Marco down and promised him he will buy him a new one.

The very next day, Ricky looked for Toronto roofing companies (visit their website), that could help him with his roof crisis. He was lead to Roofing Master, one of the best roof repair Toronto has to offer. They came to the house and assessed the situation then they set out to do their work. Ricky requested that they provide the best roofing materials so that he will have minimal repairs to do when the time comes. He has his hands full already, he could not afford to keep on inspecting the roof nor does he even know to fix it. Good thing the roofers from Roofing Master are well-trained and experts. In no time, the roof was fixed and everything is better than before.

Ricky tries very hard to ensure that he still makes up for Marco’s missing mother, that is why he focuses on showing love for his child. But caring for the home you love in is also showing love for your child, that lives in that household and whose safety depends in the sturdy foundation of his home.

Well, at least Ricky has Roofing Master to do the job for him. All he needs to focus on now is buying that new console he promised his son.

Don’t Let Your Damaged Roof Kill the Fun

playstation 3Playing video games is a great way to spend time with your family and friends. I live in Toronto, Canada and people here really loves them. Most of the common consoles are the Xbox 360 of Microsoft, PlayStation 3 of Sony and Wii of Nintendo. The use of personal computer is also very popular, but most houses here in Canada actually have one type of console that I just mentioned a while ago.

The most popular games here are Need for Speed and FIFA. But most of the younger generation loves to play together with their friends, so they go to internet cafes and do multiplayer games such as Halo, Call of Duty and many others. The Canadian video gaming industry continues to increase because of the evolution of this game. It just keeps getting better!

As for me, I am not a fan of going to internet cafes to play video games. I love it here in my house and I just invite my friends over, it’s free and more comfortable too. Video games are best played in a room that doesn’t have too much light. The graphics are better to look at and gives you that exciting feeling to conquer every level of the game.

But one day, I noticed a light shining through my ceiling. It was weird because I know that this room don’t have any windows at all, and it’s ruining my game! I know that something’s wrong with my roof. Why would a light pass through my ceiling anyway? So I decided to search the internet for roofing contractors Toronto, you can visit this site for more details, to help me with this problem.

When the professional roofers arrived, they checked the entire roof to know what was going on. One of them asked me if I remember the last time I had the roof checked, and said I don’t have any idea. They said that some parts of the roof are already weak and needs repair. There were also little holes because it wasn’t properly maintained. They said I was lucky that it wasn’t rainy season or else I’d be having a lot of problems with water leakage all over the house.

After buying all the materials that they needed, they fixed the roof in no time. They did a great job and everything looks good. From now on, I see to it that my roof undergoes the scheduled checkup. I understand that this part of the house should be kept in good condition so that everything and everyone living in it are safe from natural calamities and forces of nature.

I really appreciate the existence of Toronto roofing companies because they can help people who need their professional services of roofers. I can’t imagine myself fixing my roof, I don’t think I can even do it. So now, I am back to my room playing my favorite video games and no more problems with light shining through the ceiling!

Steelseries Wireless Controller

gadgets 1

When it comes to digital gaming, let’s all admit it, no one’s ever too old to play. Whether that’s a game on Facebook or something you bumped on 

But when it comes to gaming, it’s not only the game itself that matters but also the gadgets we use. Today, we will introduce to you one gadget that is so versatile you will bring it literally wherever you go. Readers, meet Steelseries Wireless Controller.Google Play or any other sites, or even a big game like World of Warcraft, age is not really a concern here, not gender. After all, we cannot deny the millions of downloads a typical yet challenging Flappy Bird has gotten; and we are so sure downloaders don’t belong to the 15-24 age bracket.

What about it?

Steelseries Wireless Controller is the modern version of classic joystick that connects to your PC and Mac. Because its wireless, you can have your PC or Mac sitting on your office table and you, sitting on the adjacent sofa drinking coffee while playing. But what makes this interesting is the fact that it can also be connected to your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, as well as Android tablets and smartphones. Now that is one unique feature of this handy controller. The connection is done through Bluetooth and because of this cross-platform ability or commonly referred to as Freedom to Play, Steelseries Wireless Controller can be connected to a wide range of gadgets.

Furthermore, it’s also the solution to small screens on smartphones because this controller comes with all controls you can ask for. It comes with 1 DPAD on the left and 4 buttons on the right. Add to that the left and right analog stick, the Mode Select button, left shoulder and right shoulder button as well as the power button and LED indicator. Among the common android games, Grand Theft Auto 3 and RipTide GP are the two best games you can play with this gadget. As for the PC and Mac games, you would initially want to try this with Trine, Call of Duty: Black Ops and GRID.

Setting up basics

So how do you start things out with Steelseries Wireless Controller? First off, plug in a USB cord which is included in every purchase to the USB slot of Steelseries Wireless Controller and the other end to any USB port. This will initially charge the gadget but you may also start pairing through Bluetooth even if it’s charging. Just pick the device you want to pair it with, press and hold button A and wait for the LED light to start blinking. A blinking pattern found on the manual of Steelseries Wireless Controller will help you determine if you paired it with the right device – Android, Mac and PC has the same blinking pattern and iOS has a different one.

If you want to change gadgets, for instance from iOS to an Android smartphone, you can also do that by following a simpler method found on every manual. With Steelseries Wireless Controller, playing games becomes better and easier!

Look Through The Oculus Rift DK 2, Codename Crystal Cove

gadgets 2First off, this gadget is not yet released, which means you have all the time in the world to save up $350 in case your mom or your wife thinks that’s too much for a gaming product. It is, fortunately open for pre-order. So if you want to make sure everything turns out perfectly and you will get this “glasses to see the virtual world” at your doorstep at your expected date, check out their site for more information. Now what are we talking about again? Oh, the Oculus Rift DK 2 or commonly called Oculus Rift Crystal Cove.

This gadget is well, a gaming gadget that brings you into the game scene. You’re not watching it from a TV screen or PC screen but you’re actually PART of the game scene – and take note, we’re using the term game scene here and not just game. The Oculus Rift Crystal Cove started out  sometime 2012 but obviously, Oculus is not yet done with its improvements and upgrades. Though not yet released, Palmer Luckey – the company founder – has already provided enough details to convince people to pre-order from their site. But just with the photos and demo videos of Oculus Rift Crystal Cove, Mr. Founder doesn’t really have to say much. Their product has made the loudest buzz already in the virtual realm, and just imagine how loud it can get once the product has been released. And again, despite the fact that this is still labeled as development kit, many gamers just can’t wait to get their hands on it.

Why? Because it is AWESOME. That sentence literally needs to have the adjective in all caps. Oculus Rift Crystal Cove left the HD realm and is now designed with a Crystal Cove prototype – something better than HD and something literally crystal clear. It has a lower latency which automatically lowers lag issues and improves real time characteristics of the game. This also spares you from any blur or judder that’s damaging to the eyes and even the brain. Furthermore, Oculus Rift Crystal Cove is also designed with a higher resolution, higher resolution and low persistence, making your virtual gaming experience better than you’ve ever experienced. Not only that, it also ensures that your gaming becomes as comfortable as it can be. Company CTO John Carmack also shared the unique sub-millimeter accurate position tracking, which ensures the views in different angles respond to the way should. This will literally make you lean forward, backward and just all around because it appears that real.

Oculus is a company that is dedicated in providing high quality gaming products. The transition in Oculus Rift from 60 frames per second to today’s 1,080 x 960 is just next to unbelievable. This eyewear, if you may is something that gamers just won’t love but they will probably sleep next to Oculus Rift Crystal Cove too! Its external camera partnered with the new optics and other useful accessories and upgrades will make definitely turn your gaming experience upside down and inside out.

Earning and Playing

toronto ontario canadaDespite already being in my late twenties, I still love playing games. It does not matter if it is an RPG or multiplayer, offline or online, and even Facebook games and mobile games, I love them all. Now that I have reached a new chapter in my life, the birth of my first child, I know I have to stop being a young man and start making life decisions for my little buddy.

But, I just can’t give up on my passion for games.

So, in order to hit two birds with one stone, I plan to put up a gaming hub as a business. This way, I can continue being the gamer that I am, while earning and saving for my baby’s future.

In ventures like this one, the first important thing to consider is where to put the gaming hub. Where I am, here in Toronto, there are already a lot of computer shops and gaming centers. That is why, the location for my gaming hub is top priority. I should put it in a place where my business could grow despite the competition as well as it could provide a convenient and cozy place for my customers. They would not like to play in a gaming center that is too tight and movement is restricted. Not only will they feel choked, they would not like to be drowned in too much noise because of the different games that each of the customers would play.

I have scouted an area and it looks to be a good place to put my business in. The good thing about it is that it already has a building that is just of the right size for my game center. The bad thing is, the roof seems to be in a pretty bad shape. After seeing that is the perfect place for the business I plan to put up, I Googled for the best in business when it comes to roofing Toronto establishments and found my way to as the name suggests, they are A-class when it comes to fixing, maintaining and servicing all and any roof problems that you could possibly imagine.

I contacted the company and we discussed the necessary repairs and adjustments with the roof. I also had a few parts of the design of the roof altered because I wanted the building to look like a real gaming hub. I want it to shout “have the best game playing moments of your life here!”

The company always consulted with me before proceeding with any modification of the plans. They also took time to explain the system to me so that I could be assured that they know what they are doing.

Now my gaming hub, which I named after my little buddy, is up and running, serving the gamers of all ages, providing the best gaming experience for those who wish it. I could not have been more satisfied. Choosing to put up a gaming center, choosing to put it here in a very populated and well developed part of Toronto, and amongst all many Toronto roofing companies, choosing aceroofers to help me fix the place, proved to be the best decisions I have made.

Rivals Xbox One and PS4

gadgets 3When you decide to buy a gaming console and went to the stores without researching, and then you find two very intriguing products that you think would be perfect for you buy you only need one – what will you do? Personally, I’d remember the names and possibly the model type. Then I’ll go home and dig in through the internet to determine which fits my preferences. This torn-apart-between-two-consoles rarely happen because gamers tend to always know what they want. But in case you’re new in the scene, this article is perfect for you. So which is better: Xbox One or PlayStation 4?


If you’re price conscious, PS4 is the winner because it’s somewhere around $100 less expensive compared to Xbox One. But let’s not settle on that and see the subscriptions too, which we all know are fairly important. Xbox One has its Xbox Live Gold that costs about $60 per year and PS4 has its PS Plus for an annual fee of $50. PS4 can run Hulu Plus, Netflix and many other applications without PS Plus membership, while Xbox One requires Xbox Live Gold to utilize its OneGuide feature and other online services.


When it comes to consoles, both of these are still tight rivals and you would need long research to determine which is better. So to make it shorter, PS4 has its DualShock 4 that is a fusion of DualShock 3 advantages and many more better features. The gamepad of Xbox One is also an update version of Xbox 360 controller but it still lacks features and improvements when compared to PS4’s DualShock 4. The latter also comes with better analog sticks, and more responsive and reactive triggers. It also gives a better feel in the hands and comes with a built-in speaker.


Here comes the tough one, yet also interesting. Xbox One is designed with a DDR3 RAM and PS4 has a GDDR5. What makes this interesting is they can be tie in this sector because both gadgets use 8-core AMD CPU, comes with a memory of 8GB, and internal hard drives of 500GB. Furthermore both Xbox One and PS4 also come with Blue-ay optical drives. The verdict on which has the best hardware might come late because today, with all the games and features available for the two, hardware is something they both have in common.


Contrary to being tied up, Xbox One wins over PS4 when talking about cameras because PS4 doesn’t have one. While the Xbox One comes with a Kinect camera that gives it the ability to recognize faces and voice, allowing voice control feature. Its voice control feature, which PS4 has as well, is also far better and more flexible.

Media Features

I’d go with Xbox One on this simply because it has a television integration that PS4 don’t have. While both play Blue-ray films, the TV integration is something useful and unique, not to mention it promises more for the future. The Kinect – part of Xbox One – can also control infrared blaster that passes through the HDMI and with that being said, Xbox One can run live television.

Most Popular Smartphone Applications

apps and everything 1Today, there are thousands and thousands of applications you can download for your smartphones running on Android and to your iPhones. These apps are divided in various categories and can either be free or paid. Of course, we always want the free ones but paid applications also come with its own perks and advantages. So what are the best apps for your phone? Check out this list and see which of it you need to download NOW.

The Walking Dead Season 2

This is one of the best iOS gaming application you can get. For a price of $4.99, you can experience a gut-wrenching game that won’t let you sleep. While this is based a TV show, as we all know, many people love The Walking Dead Season 2 because of the lessons it offers. Yes, it comes with life lessons since the main character Clementine should make tough decisions and in the gaming case, it is you – the player – who should make such decisions for your character.


If you’re a music lover and you don’t have Spotify on your phone, you’re missing so much. This can be used with any gadget, almost, given that it works on BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Windows iPhone. Spotify allows you to find and play the music you love. Whether that’s a classic oldie song or the most recent One Direction hit, this app has it for you. Furthermore, it also costs a fair price of only $9.99 per month for a fully functional application. If not, you can go for the free version and utilize its ad-supported radio feature.


Every phone requires a good photo editor and that’s what Snapseed is for. This app allows you to improve high resolution images to better ones and even those mediocre shots. This is not merely about rotating and resizing, or even just cropping. Snapseed is about advanced editing, adding new flavor to your image, improving everything you want to improve and offers you more style to play with. Because it’s free and it runs on both iOS and Android, there’s no stopping to downloading this very handy app.


Oftentimes, staying fit and healthy is forgotten and your rules to yourself vanish unknowingly. Luckily, we have a helpful app that will motivate and coach you to better weight losing routines. This application is responsible for guiding its users mainly on their calorie intake. MyFitnessPal comes with a library of nutritional facts and information where you can check if you’re still eating the right food or taking in the right amount of nutrients. You can also connect with friends and loved ones who use MyFitnessPal and support one another not only that, this app allows you to set goals too, so that your relatives will have something to cheer about.


Okay, so this is not a new application anymore, but we’re not finding the new ones anyway. If we are to talk about entertainment, perhaps Netflix ix the one most phones acquire. While it costs $7.99 monthly, its benefits are worth more that almost $8 since it already gives you a full access on its personal library filled with movies and TV shows. Now that’s entertainment, indeed.

Mom’s Reading App is IMPORTANT

mom & dad corner 1Reading application – is an app downloaded to smartphones that enable bookworms to read through their phone. Files that most reading apps can open are Epub and PDF. These are also two of the most common files used on eBooks. Therefore, a reading app is something designed to read electronic books. Because books is part of this content, might as well include its soul mate – mothers.

If you’re a mom and an avid buyer of books, perhaps you’ve been through the same complex phase of adapting to eBooks, which don’t feature the unique smell of physical books whether secondhand or brand-new.  But of course, eBooks also has its own advantages, which is why many mothers out there are into learning the art of loving this new technology. Most mothers are also guilty of exploring the realm of applications just to find out which reading app is perfect for them.

But for a husband’s point of view, for instance, why is mom’s reading application important?

More freedom to read

First off, because it gives her more freedom to read. Mothers are very busy whether they are plain housewives or working moms. On that note reading only happens at night – that is if they’re not too tired to snooze. With reading apps on their phones, moms can simply download it, and download all eBooks they want to read. They would probably have a whole library of eBooks in no time and an ever-growing list of to-be-read electronic books. But in accordance to that, their e-readers or reading apps allow them to indulge in the whole action of reading almost any time of the day. They don’t have to bring books alongside their children’s diapers and rattles. All they need is a high battery smartphone or tablet and they’re good to do.

Furthermore, mothers also use books to discover new recipes ad with these reading applications on their phones, checking recipes is now easier. Aside from Google, there are many other sites that provide eBooks of cooking recipes and these are something most mothers wild love to have – or at least the moms who love to cook.

Better reading experience

Generally, better reading experience is considered by many as a reading app’s alas against physical books. With this, moms can read without turning the night lamp on. They can read in the dark without needing a flashlight and without damaging their eyes. Of course, reading in the dark is still not healthy for the eyes but it lessens the damage compared to reading with limited light. Smartphones where reading applications are installed are also very handy. One click and you already have a bookmark. One click and you can highlight a word and maybe look it up later in the dictionary.

Reading experience is not all about how good the book is and how crazily emotional a mother has gotten while reading a book. Such experience is also about the ease of reading, which is something many busy mothers can’t get. With reading applications and eBooks available both for free and paid, moms get to choose to continue their hobby and broaden their knowledge.

Line of Parental Guidance

mom & dad corner 2If your child loves to play online games, there’s no reason for you to turn into a giant and demand him to cut it off or you’ll crush his computer. Kids will be kids and teens will be teens. In today’s modern world, part of the word playing is online gaming. Worry not parents, the internet can be a safe place for your kids if they’re guided well; and that’s where you come in. because tablets and smartphones allow children and teens to play various games and applications, then it’s just right to keep a strong open communication with your teens to get instant updates on what they’re up to in terms of these aspects. It’s not necessary to check their gadgets and PCs behind their backs to get an answer, you can also ask them “coolly” and stay engaged.

Consider trying

Wondering why your kid is so hooked to a game? Is he telling you about it for countless dinners already? Why not try it too, just so you’ll know what it is about. Most parents don’t usually do this but generally, it’s quite beneficial to experience what your child is experiencing on his games. You don’t have to like it, you just have to experience it and from there, you’ll gain full understanding on why your child loves it. And if you happen to like it, then perfect! You and your child can play together, beat each other’s score and spend more quality time. This is also a great idea to let him feel it’s okay to tell you anything about his internet encounters.

Steer away from parent-child difference

Most parents tend to stress out that they are the parents and therefore, they have the right to see their kids’ computers and gadgets, or perhaps receive a daily report on what their child did on their gadgets. This is not cool in the eyes of children and by doing so, you’re just choking him with a mouse cord. Instead, begin by letting your child know the importance of open communication. Start slow and start it right; don’t dump all information at once because again, it’s a parent-child thing. When it comes to games and applications, make it a point that your child sees you as his friend and co-player and someone who at some point appreciates games too.

Just the right limits

Whether that’s a child or a teenager, setting limits is a must. However, you should ensure that your limitations fit your child’s age. No teenager can stay put and behave when he’s only given one hour of computer usage every day and his smartphone has all the locks and guards and tracking stuff in it. similarly, no child will stay healthy if he is given 5 hours of computer use every day because he only has 3 hours of school, and therefore can use more time in front of the computer or on the couch with a tablet. Keep I mind that setting limits correctly has a great impact to your child. Be sure you’re not too tight and strict about it.

Working as a Game Tester

 general 1Have you ever dreamt of becoming a video game tester? Don’t you think it’s great to play so many games firsthand even before it comes out all over the internet? Sure, it’s sounds a cool job to be paid by playing and testing games. But just like any job, this is not all fun. It also has a fair share of stress and handful of reasons why others changed their mind. But would you also change your mind?

Becoming a video game tester can be tough and boring. Most testers need to go through the entry level where the most boring tasks take place. Did I say boring already? It’s where you test a game’s warm up time by turning it on and off hundreds of times, which will also let you know if it lags too often or not. Salary reflects the tasks and entry level testers are often paid the typical minimum wage. Apart from game-involved tasks, you might also be tasked to check how the game affects other tasks like downloading movies and music, or perhaps using Skype and other instant messengers, all while playing the game. You might also deal with the menial less graphics and more playing of one level to know which parts needs to be improved.

On the brighter side of things, all these hard work and eating, drinking and breathing of boredom will pay off once you become an experienced game tester. After years of experience, especially if you earned such experience from reputable companies, bigger companies may hire you and you can demands a higher salary. Some testers earn about $100 per hour or more! Now that sure is huge compare to other professionalisms out there. Nonetheless, you have to keep in mind that game testers are there to pinpoint mistakes and help make a video game seamless – therefore your responsibility remains tough and crucial.

In terms of applying for a job, a gamer tester is required to have a good dose of patience. This is not like accountancy where so many finance companies are there looking for math experts. Depending on the area where you live, like if you’re in the metro, most probably you can land a job easily. It’s wise to stay updated and check gaming companies and their sites every now and then. You can also check classifieds and apply on all companies looking for a person like you. This is a must for every game tester. – apply to all companies and use your magical sifter later once you’ve come to the point of being choosing.

As always, a college degree plays a vital role in this career. Unlike writing, for instance where you can just show a magazine company your part writings or perhaps specific sample for them, game testing doesn’t give you that kind of option. With that being said, it’s advisable to study accurate courses if, in the first place, you’ve already decided this is the career you want. Apart from college degrees that are means to focus on technology and computers, you can also go for a technical certificate instead, in case you have a totally different degree. Either way, education matters a lot.